Software licensing information

Here you will find information on licensing for specific software packages.

Please note that is is not a complete list of licensed software, only the ones we have had a need to document so far due to their license conditions.

  • Amber

    How we handle Amber licensing.


    How we handle CASTEP licensing.


    How we handle COMSOL licensing.

  • Gaussian

    Information regarding our Gaussian licenses.

  • Mathematica

    How we handle Mathematica licensing.

  • Matlab

    How we handle Matlab licensing.

  • Schrödinger

    Information regarding our Schrödinger licenses.

  • VASP

    How we handle VASP licensing.

  • VirtualNanoLab (VNL)

    Information regarding VNL licensing.

  • WIEN2k

    How we handle WIEN2k licensing.

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