Clusters & Computers

NSC operates a heterogenous environment of supercomputers and storage solutions for Swedish academic users (SNIC), the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, the Swedish aerospace company Saab, and for some university departments at Linköpings universitet and Stockholm University (SU).

Below you will find the hardware specifications as well as users manuals for our compute resources (HPC clusters). Information about our storage systems and services can be found on this page.

  • Tetralith

    NSC's flagship system - a 60,544 core cluster for Swedish research groups.

  • Sigma

    A 3,456 core cluster for Linköping University users

  • Bi

    A 4,272 core cluster for SMHI research and development.

  • Frost

    A 5,984 core cluster for running operational weather forecasts for SMHI and MET Norway.

  • Elvis

    A 2,304 core cluster for MET Norway research and development.

  • Alvin

    A 6,880 core cluster for running operational weather forecasts for MET Norway and SMHI

  • Retired systems

    Information about some of our retired supercomputers

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