Matlab licensing at NSC

Due to the terms of the Linköping University Matlab license, NSC is not allowed to make this Matlab license available to anyone not affiliated (student, researcher etc) with Linköping University.

If you are a LiU user and cannot access Matlab, please contact and we will add you to the Matlab license group ("liu"), which will give you access.

However, due to a recent license change, we can in many cases allow users to "bring their own license". If you want to use Matlab at NSC using your home university Matlab license, please and ask about this.

As of February 15th, 2014 we have "bring your own license" agreements for Matlab with the following sites:

  • Chalmers (all users with a email address)
  • University of Gothenburg (all users with a email address)
  • KTH (all users with a email address)
  • Uppsala University (all users with an or email address)
  • Stockholm University (some users, contact NSC for more information)

Please note that we cannot automatically add you to the Matlab licenses listed above, you need to and request it.

Even if your university is not listed above, you might still be eligible to "bring your own license" for Matlab. Please for more information.

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