COMSOL licensing at NSC

Please note that the information on this page is about use of COMSOL on NSC clusters. Have a look here for information about licenses for other use at LiU.

Users not affiliated with Linköping University

To use COMSOL you need to have a license server running on your home institute. The license server must be reachable from NSC, i.e. any firewalls must be opened for access from the NSC systems.

To use COMSOL two environment variables have to be set to point to that license:

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=port@hostname.of.your.license.server
export LM_PROJECT=secret

Please, contact your local COMSOL license administrator for the correct values for port, hostname and secret.

Contact if you need help in the conntact with your local COMSOL license administrator.

Users affiliated with Linköping University

Local users from Linköping University do not have to do the above. COMSOL Multiphysics is set up such that those affiliated (researcher, student etc) with Linköping University automatically use the Linköping University COMSOL Multiphysics license and do not have to set the two environment variables above.

If you are a LiU user and cannot access COMSOL Multiphysics, please contact and we will add you to the license group (“liu”), which will give you access.

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