Schrödinger licenses

NSC has "two" licenses for Schrödinger software – one covering Jaguar, Maestro, and Desmond that is freely available to all academic users with allocations on NSC resources, and one covering most other Schrödinger products, which you can buy into on a per-group basis. Please see information below regarding how to join the buy-into license.

License term:

Current licenses are valid until 26-July-2024

Jaguar license (free)

NSC has a license for Maestro, Jaguar, and Jaguar pKa, which is freely available to all academic users on NSC resources. The license covers 50 simultaneous Jaguar jobs, so if your research relies heavily on running Jaguar, we recommend that you obtain your own license.

Nothing special is required to get access to Jaguar (and Maestro), just load the schrodinger module with the version that you want to use.

Desmond (free)

The molecular dynamics (MD) simulation software, Desmond, is included in the Schrödinger license that is freely available to all academic users on NSC resources.

Nothing special is required to get access to Desmond, just load the latest schrodinger module and launch maestro.

License for other Schrödinger software (buy-into)

NSC has a buy-into license with the following components:

50 Tokens for interchangeable library including AutoQSAR, Canvas, ConfGen, Core Hopping, Desmond GPU, Epik, Field-based QSAR, GA Optoelectronics, Glide, Impact, Jaguar, Jaguar pKa, LigPrep, MacroModel, MS CG, MS Transport, MS Informatics, P450 SOM Prediction, Phase, Shape Screening, Prime, PrimeX, QikProp, QSite, Quantum Espresso Interface, SiteMap, XP Visualizer
5 ConfGen Floating Licenses
20 Epik Floating Licenses
25 Glide Floating Licenses
20 LigPrep Floating Licenses
20 MacroModel Floating Licenses
5 Prime Floating Licenses
10 Materials Science Maestro Floating Licenses

How to join

To join this license, you should contact at Schrödinger and ask for a quote for joining the Schrödinger license at NSC.

The cost is similar to getting a standard academic group license for Schrödinger products, but you get access to a larger set of tokens and floating licenses.

Maintaining your own license

If you have or want to have your own license for Schrödinger products and use these products at NSC, then there are two options for that:

  1. Ask NSC to host your license
  2. Ensure that your license server is reachable from the NSC cluster that you want to use

Both of these options require that you have floating licenses and that the license is valid for use on machines that are not owned by you or your institution. Node-locked licenses will not work. Please for help with setting this up.

Note that your personal license installed at NSC can easily be managed via the NSC Express web portal. That is, you can easily control who will have access to your license by managing a group in NSC Express, adding and removing users to/from this group. You will, of course, also be able to relocate your license by contacting Schrödinger.

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