VASP Licensing at NSC

The terms of the VASP license requires that we verify that a user is covered by a valid VASP license before we can give access to our VASP binaries.

There are three ways in which you can show to us that you are covered by a VASP license:

  1. You can be added to one of the licenses that we have on file by referring us to the license number that you are covered by. We will then confirm this with the holder of that license. It is also possible for the holder of that license to add you directly from the SNIC portal SUPR.

  2. If we don't have the license that you are covered by on file, then you must provide a photocopy of the license agreement and the license number. This number is printed on the invoice, so people generally send us a photocopy of the invoice as well.

  3. If you know that you are covered by a license, but we don't have it on file and you don't have access to the license contract, then we can confirm that you are a registered user with the VASP developers. This will usually take a couple of days since we have to email the VASP developers and get a reply from them.

To get access, send a request to . Remember to tell us which of the three methods apply to you, and any details needed (e.g your license number or the name and email address that you have registered with the VASP developers).

Please note that this only applies if you want use the installations of VASP provided by NSC. We highly recommend that you do try out our installations, as they are highly optimized and tested, but you are fully allowed to compile VASP from source yourself, and run it on NSC's clusters. In such cases, you do not need to tell us, but you are responsible for a making sure that your name is on a valid VASP license.

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