NorESM - Norwegian Earth System Model

The Norwegian Earth System Model is a global, coupled model system for the physical climate system, which can be run with various degrees of interactions with bio-geo-chemical processes in the earth system. NorESM is developed as a nationally coordinated effort, organised through EarthClim, funded by the Reseach Council of Norway.

NorESM is based on the Community Climate System Model (CCSM) and Community Earth System Model (CESM) projects operated at NCAR on behalf of UCAR in USA.

At NSC, NorESM is not made available as pre-built software through the module system. Instead, Tetralith configuration information (for compiling and running the model) is available so users can compile their own model after downloading the source code from the NorESM developers. Users download the source and compile and run using the Tetralith platform information. Details on how to build the model can be found in the SNIC knowledge base. Building NorESM 1 Tetralith.

NorESM source code can be obtained after registration with the developers, see: Obtaining a version of the model

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