EC-Earth - A European community Earth-System Model

EC-Earth is developed as part of a Europe-wide consortium thus promoting international cooperation and access to knowledge and a wide data base. EC-Earth’s main objective is to develop and apply an ESM based on ECMWFs seasonal forecasting system for providing trustworthy climate information to climate services and to advance scientific knowledge on the Earth system, its variability, predictability and long-term changes resulting from external forcing.

At NSC, EC-Earth is not made available as pre-built software through the module system. Instead, Tetralith configuration information (for compiling and running the model) is included in the source code of the model. Users download the source and compile and run using the Tetralith platform information. Details can be found in the EC-Earth development portal wiki: Building EC-Earth 3 on the NSC tetralith system

EC-Earth software is openly available to groups within the EU. Registration is required before access to the development portal which gives access to the source code repository along with documentation, wiki's, forums etc.

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