System specific guides

Here you can find system-specific information about NSC systems collect in one place. The Getting Started Guide pages is a good place to start if you're new to NSC's systems. If you have been using clusters at NSC before, you might want to check out the Migrating to... pages, which describe technical differences between clusters.


Getting started guide for new Bi users


Getting started guide for new Frost users


Getting started guide for new Gamma users


Getting started guide for new Triolith users

Migrating to Gamma

Key differences between Gamma and Kappa

Migrating to Triolith

Key differences between Triolith and previous systems

Large scale data analysis on Triolith

Using the DCS/analysis part of Triolith (replaces Vagn)

iRODS getting started

Getting started guide SMHIs iRODS service

Migrating to Bi

Key differences between Bi and Krypton

Bi Early Access Guide

Information for Bi test pilot users (OBSOLETE)