Access to SMHI resources at NSC

SMHI clusters

If you want access to an SMHI cluster such as Freja, Cirrus or Stratus:

  1. Talk to your user group representative. For Freja, it is Michael Sahlin for the Rossby Centre and Ulf Andrae for all other user groups. For Cirrus and Stratus, it is Lars Berggren. Your representative needs to know your email address, direct phone number and the department you are going to use the cluster on behalf of.

  2. The user group representative will communicate with NSC. We will then create your account and you will receive an email to your email address with your username and preliminary password. Login using SSH as soon as possible (within seven days) to set a new, unique and good password.


If you want access to MARS, see the MARS instructions.

HSM storage

If you want access to the SMHI HSM storage, see the SMHI HSM storage instructions.

NAISS and/or academic clusters

If you want to run on one of the general academic systems, you need to follow the normal procedures for applying for new projects, becoming a member of a project and getting a login account. It is the SMHI resources that are handled specially, not the users from SMHI.

User Area

User support

Guides, documentation and FAQ.

Getting access

Applying for projects and login accounts.

System status

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