History of PReSTO

  • 2013 PReSTO starts
    • In March 2013, the outreach activities of National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) attracts Protein Science Facility in transfering a standard Linux MX software setup into the High Performace Compute environment of NSC. PReSTO is coined.
  • 2014 PReSTO menu
  • 2015 PReSTO get MAX IV satellite status
    • MAX IV and NSC formally decided to develop a HPC platform for MX in support of Swedish MAX IV users giving the PReSTO project the status of a MAX IV satellite.
  • 2016 Easybuild installations at NSC
    • The PReSTO installation has been performed by Easybuild for rapid sharing with other Swedish HPC centers coordinated by SNIC a precusor to NAISS.
  • 2018 Funding from the Swedish Research Council
    • Swedish Research Council grant funding to researchers and staff from SNIC, MAX IV, Cryo-EM SciLifeLab and Swedish NMR Center to work on a collaborative software platform for Swedish structural biology
  • 2020 SNIC storage project
    • We now use a separate SNIC storage project to support the compute project. Storage will be ramped up at NSC Tetralith reaching 20 TB and 10 M files in December 2023, while at LUNARC Cosmos we have 5 TB and 2.5 M files (no ramping). However if this is too small for your project or if you plan to run molecular dynamics simulations, apply for your own compute time at SNIC resources NSC Tetralith or LUNARC Cosmos, HPN2C Kebnekaise or NSC Berzelius if doing cryo-EM. PReSTO project membership grant access to MX software however having your own compute time allocation is required when combining MX with compute intensive molecular dynamics or Cryo-EM calculations.
  • 2021 LUNARC Aurora final year
    • Since 1 Jan 2021 LUNARC Aurora is no longer a SNIC resource, however PReSTO installation remain and can be used under a local LU project.
  • 2022 PReSTO used for three large structural biology courses
  • 2023 LUNARC Cosmos
    • PReSTO installed at LUNARC Cosmos and accessible under a local LU project (LU 2023/7-16)

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