Who can use PReSTO?

Swedish academics with licenses for the individual software packages can use PReSTO available at NSC resources Tetralith and Berzelius, LUNARC resource Cosmos and the MAX IV cluster. The NSC Tetralith, Berzelius and LUNARC Cosmos are available after applying for compute and storage through SUPR, while the MAX IV cluster is accessible when having MX beamtime at BioMAX. For international MAX IV users a tailor-made application pathway to the MAX IV cluster is available.

We have had an access route for small and medium enterprises currently not available, however we want to get in with enterprises interested in perhaps using parts of PReSTO in a HPC environment.

How to access PReSTO 2024

Swedish structural biologists can access PReSTO either by applying for their own compute and storage project through SUPR or by joining already existing compute project NAISS 2023/22-811 at Tetralith, LU 2024/7-25 at Cosmos and their joint storage project NAISS 2024/6-3. To access MAX IV compute cluster you need to be a MAX IV user and download and install PulseSecure for VPN access. To access PReSTO at LUNARC Cosmos, you have to belong to Lund University and sign individual license agreements for each software package available in PReSTO.

If you already have access to one of the systems where PReSTO is available, but you don't have access to the PReSTO software, then you just need to ensure that you have licenses for the software that you want to use and contact relevant support asking to be added to the PReSTO group.

PReSTO access Tetralith and Berzelius

Figure1. How to create new projects for NSC Tetralith and Berzelius access, or joining existing projects at Tetralith and Cosmos.

PReSTO access Cosmos and MAX IV

Figure2. How to access PReSTO at LUNARC Cosmos and MAX IV. Academic software licenses frequently requires online registration.

  1. Register yourself in SUPR
  2. Either apply for your own compute time at NSC Tetralith, NSC Berzelius, LUNARC Cosmos or join existing projects below. Please note LUNARC Cosmos is for Lund University members and MAX IV cluster for MAX IV users.
  3. Join existing projects at SUPR Project page
  4. Search for NAISS 2023/22-811 and NAISS 2024/6-3 request membership for these projects, also available locally at LUNARC as LU 2024/7-25.
  5. MX software may require academic online registration (e.g. Phenix), or signing of an academic license agreement on paper as done in the past for CCP4.
  • We made a set of links to license pages for software available in PReSTO
  • When your personal academic registration and licensing is done, please or to be added to the PReSTO group for software access.
  1. LUNARC Cosmos access: Join Lund University local project LU 2024/7-25 in SUPR. Please find general and MAX IV specific instructions for LUNARC.
  2. NSC Tetralith access: Accept the user agreement and Request the login account at Tetralith
  3. Download and install thinlinc client for your computer.

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