Increasing the priority of a job

To increase the priority of a job, use the command nsc-boost-priority command on the login node. nsc-boost-priority --help will show the available options.

Example: check the cost of increasing the priority of a job

[x_makro@tetralith1 ~]$ nsc-boost-priority -c 14399940
The cost for boosting the priority of job 14399940 is 80.0 tokens
Project nsc-guest has 29634.8 tokens available

Example: increase the priority of a job

[x_makro@tetralith1 ~]$ nsc-boost-priority 14399940
Your job's priority has been boosted. The cost of this operation was 80.0 tokens.
Project nsc-guest now has 29554.8 tokens available

A boosted job will have a higher priority than all normal jobs.

Boosted jobs are not affected by the "QOSUsageThreshold" limit and do not affect the project's future fair-share priority. I.e they are run "for free" (but will show up in projinfo and SUPR).

If your job already has the highest priority of all queued jobs (e.g when your project has used none or very little time recently), boosting its priority will not make it start faster, but will still cost tokens.


The base cost of boosting the priority of a job is currently 10 tokens per core hour1 (e.g boosting the priority of a job that requests 16 cores for one hour costs 160 tokens).

  1. The reasoning behind this cost is: it is not reasonable to allow a project to boost the priority of more than a small part of its jobs. 10 tokens per core hour means that you can boost the priority of 10% of your jobs.

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