In order to prevent abuse of these tools (e.g increasing the priority of all your jobs or extending your running job to 12 months), they come with a built-in cost and some limits on their use.

A project pays for boosting jobs with "tokens". A project automatically receives as many tokens per month as its monthly allocation of core hours. New tokens are created daily. Just as core hours, you must "use them or lose them", a project can never have more tokens on hand than its monthly allocation. Tokens cannot be sold, traded etc. Tokens are only used by the nsc-boost-* commands.

All members of a project share the same token pool.

All commands have a --show-cost option that let's you check the cost of a command before actually running it.

How the cost is being calculated is explained on the web page documenting the command in question, see nsc-boost-priority, nsc-boost-timelimit and nsc-boost-reservation.

NSC may change these services or their token cost significantly and without warning.
Boosted jobs do not affect your project's future priority, i.e they in some sense run "for free". They are however logged normally and will show up in SUPR.
You will not get your tokens back if you cancel a boosted job, if your job crashes, etc. This is mostly due to keeping the complexity of the tool down, it is complicated to calculate and provide a fair refund. In exceptional cases, we can give you a manual refund. Contact if you feel you really have suffered due to an unexpected job crash or similar.

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