For data archiving and long-term storage we recommend our users to use the SweStore Nationally Accessible Storage. This is a robust, flexible and expandable long term storage system aimed at storing large amounts of data produced by various Swedish research projects.

For more information, see the SNIC documentation for SweStore available at http://docs.snic.se/wiki/SweStore

Tape storage

NSC is part of SNIC's tape infrastruture. The tape storage facilities at NSC are based on an IBM TS3500 tape library which currently contains five IBM LTO Ultrium 4 tape drives and eight IBM LTO Ultrium 5 tape drives, each capable of storing 1500GB uncompressed data per tape at the transfer speed of 140MB/s. The library can hold 4200 tapes.

Archive and backup data for various SMHI and SNIC projects/resources are stored in the tape library. It's also used for data archiving in the WLCG project.

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