PRACE iRODS workshop

from Wednesday, 26 September at 01:30 PM to Friday, 28 September at 01:00 PM at Linköping, (Sweden), Linköping University, Campus Valla, Galax building, NSC conference room


Wednesday, September 26

Session 1: Introduction to data management

13:30 WelcomePatrick Norman, Director, Professor Computational Physics, Linköping University [presentation]

13:35 iRODS workshop introductionAgnès Ansari, CNRS/IDRIS [presentation]

13:45 iRODS in SwedenTom Langborg, SNIC/LIU

14:10 Introduction to iRODSLeesa Brieger, RENCI-UNC[presentation]

15:10 Coffee break

15:30 Demo of basic capabilities and hands-on training Leesa Brieger (Jean-Yves Nief, Agnès Ansari)[presentation]

17:30 End of day

Thursday, September 27

Session 2: iRODS tutorial

09:00 Introduction to rules and micro-servicesLeesa Brieger, RENCI-UNC

09:30 Simple rules and data base queriesLeesa Brieger, RENCI-UNC

10:00 Complex rules and schedulingLeesa Brieger, RENCI-UNC

10:30 Coffee break

Session 3: iRODS applications

10:50 iRODS at CINESGérard Gil,CINES [presentation]

11:10 iRODS at CC-IN2P3Jean-Yves Nief, CNRS/IN2P3 [presentation]

11:40 iRODS evaluation experience
 Dejan Vitlacil, PDC [presentation]

12:05 Large assembling project for NGS that are starting to use iRODS

Samuel Lampa, UPPNEX

12:30 Lunch

Session 4: Users needs and requirements

13:30 iRODS experience in EUDAT

Giuseppe Fiameni, CINECA / Giacomo Mariani, CINECA [presentation]

14:00 iRODS experience in DEISAAgnès Ansari, CNRS/IDRIS [presentation]

14:25 Tiers 0 – Users needs and requirementsStefanie Janetzko, FZJ [presentation]

14:50 Tiers 1 – Users needs and requirements

Chandan Basu, SNIC/LIU [presentation]

15:15 Discussion

Jean-Yves Nief, CNRS/IN2P3

15:45 Coffee break

16:00 Demo and hands-on training Leesa Brieger (Jean-Yves Nief, Agnès Ansari)

18:00 End of day

20:15 Dinner

Friday, September 28

Session 5: Advanced topics

09:00 Authentication and Authorization in a federated environmentJules Wolfrat, SARA [presentation]

09:30 iRODS security 
 Reagan Moore, DICE-UNC [presentation]

10:00 iRODS performance 
 Reagan Moore, DICE-UNC [presentation]

Session 6: Strategy and future

10:30 Users requirements and needs summary 
 Agnès Ansari, CNRS/IDRIS [presentation]

10:40 Coffee break

11:10 iRODS strategy and future
 Reagan Moore, DICE-UNC [presentation]

11:40 DAITF and the DataNet Federation Consortium
 Reagan Moore, DICE-UNC [presentation]

12:10 E-iRODS
 Leesa Brieger, RENCI-UNC

12:30 Discussion and wrap-up

Tom Langborg, SNIC/LIU

13:00 End of the workshop