Picture Name Position Phone E-mail Room
Matts Karlsson Director 013-281199 A2:135
Anna Jänis Head of Center 013-285710 070-0896624 A2:133
Niclas Andersson Technical Director 013-281464 070-9521464 A2:137

Finance, Administration, HR

Picture Name Position Phone E-mail Room
Eva-Britt Berglund Financial Officer 013-281450 G1:181
Jan-Olov Holm Controller 013-281937 A2:139
Kristin Wiberg Administrator
013-286796 A2:145
Victoria Westling Administrator
013-286969 A2:139
Caroline Ljungberg HR Manager 013-281688 Room University Services D-house

Systems experts

Picture Name Position Phone E-mail Room
Thomas Bellman Systems Expert 013-282646 A2:155
Peter Bortas Systems Expert A2:150
Krishnaveni Chitrapu System Developer 013-285751 A2:132
Prashanth Dwarakanath Systems Expert 013-281068 A2:138
Kent Engström Systems Expert 013-284444 A2:153
Andreas Johansson Systems Expert 013-285778 A1:197
Peter Kjellström Coordinator PC clusters 013-281492 A2:152
Mats Kronberg Systems Expert 013-282578 A2:156
Tom Langborg Systems Expert 013-282568 A2:120
Jens Larsson Systems Expert 013-281432 A2:114
Pär Lindfors Systems Expert 013-282686 A2:154
Marvin Lie Systems Expert 013-285744 A2:159
Kai Lu Systems Expert 013-282285 A2:132
Torbjörn Lönnemark Systems Expert 013-284796 A2:134
Janos Nagy Systems Expert 013-282557 A2:158
Sebastian Thorarensen Systems Expert 013-284787 A2:134
Hans Persson Systems Administrator 013-284052 A1:196
Jonas Stare Systems Administrator 013-281277 A2:150

Application Experts

Picture Name Position Phone E-mail Room
Rickard Armiento

Application Expert
Ph.D. in Physics
013-281249 A1:185
Chandan Basu

snicdocs profile
Application Expert
Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics
013-282579 A2:108
Frank Bramkamp

Application Expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ph.D. in Mechanics
013-281867 A2:146
Joel Hedlund

snicdocs profile
NeIC coordinator / Application Expert
Ph.D. in Bioinformatics
013-282423 A2:151
Peter Larsson

web page
snicdocs profile
Partner Manager / Application Expert
Ph.D. in Physics
073-4618233 A2:147
Martin Moche

Application Expert in Structural Biology
Ph.D. in Structural Biology
Peter Münger

Associate Scientific Director
Techn Dr and Docent in Theoretical Physics.
013-285797 013-281893(IFM) A2:151
Weine Olovsson

snicdocs profile
Application Expert
Ph.D. in Physics
013-281148 A2:146
Johan Raber

snicdocs profile
Application Expert / Coordinator
Ph.D. in Chemistry
013-282619 A2:116
Torben Rasmussen

web page
snicdocs profile
Application Expert in Theoretical Chemistry
Ph.D. in Chemistry
013-281494 A2:150
Hamish Struthers

snicdocs profile
Application Expert in Climate Modelling Data
Ph.D. in Chemical Physics
013-281072 A2:138
Wei Zhang

Application Expert
Ph.D. in High Performance Computing
013-284706 A2:150

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