The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) is an expert agency under the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

The primary mission of SMHI is to manage and develop information on weather, water and climate that provides knowledge and advanced decision-making data for public services, the private sector, and the general public.

Since 1996, SMHI is a partner of NSC and, as such, SMHI has a representative on the NSC board. SMHI and NSC collaborate in the field of high performance computing (HPC). Through this collaboration, SMHI gets access to leading and cost effective solutions for their HPC needs, associated data storage and communication services, as well as special skills in these areas. NSC's broad knowledge of the forefront of computer technology, expertise in existing technical solutions (clusters, storage, grid etc.) and detailed knowledge of the implementation of simulation models in an HPC environment enables SMHI to further develop its R & D and operational activities.

SMHI brings current trends in numerical weather predictions (NWP) and climate research into the activities of NSC. More specifically this includes computing and storage needs within applied meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic research and corresponding operational applications, especially when it comes to complex simulation models. Through this partnership, SMHI contributes to NSC’s long-term skill and resource development in HPC.

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