Norwegian Meteorological Institute

MET Norway is the meteorological service for both the military and the civil services in Norway, as well as the public. Their mission is to protect life, property and the environment, and to provide the meteorological services required by society. In Sweden, MET Norway is perhaps mostly known for supplying the weather forecasts presented on the web site, which is widely used by the Swedish public.

NSC and MET Norway has co-operated since 2013, when our partner SMHI and MET Norway started MetCoOp, the meteorological co-operation on numerical weather prediction. Under the umbrella of this co-operation, a jointly operated common operational weather forecasting system was developed. The co-operation also includes HPC technology, with supercomputers operated by NSC in Sweden and by NTNU in Norway.

In 2016, MET Norway became a full partner in NSC when planning started for installing new HPC resources for MetCoOp at NSC. The first HPC resource in this new collaboration will come online in mid-2017 for running part of MetCoOp's current weather forecasts. It will comprise ca 600 compute nodes together with a high-performance storage system. In 2018, a next-generation HPC resource will be installed at NSC, which will enable more accurate and higher resolution forecasts.

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