Programme for the 7th Annual Workshop on Linux Cluster for Super Computing

October 17


Two tutorials are offered this year:

T2 - The Gaussian 03 tutorial offers a unique opportunity for the quantum chemical community in Sweden to get an in-depth presentation of the single-most used quantum chemistry code of today.

T3 - The Efficient parallel applications on NUMA machines tutorial provides a presentation of the Altix supercomputer with special focus on Sweden largest shared memory resource Mozart at NSC.

The Using NSC systems tutorial (T1) is cancelled.

For detailed information on the tutorials, please click on the links above.

09:30 Registration
 Registration for the morning tutorials (T2 and T3) in the open area outside room
BL33, B-house (entrance 23), Linköping University.
10:00 Morning session
  T2 in room BL33, B-huset (entrance 23).
T3 in room BL34, B-huset (entrance 23).
13:00 Lunch
  The meal is complementary for T2 and T3, and will be served at Kårallen.
14:00 Afternoon session
  T2 in rooms SU10 and SU11, B-huset (entrance 27).
T3 in room BL34, B-huset (entrance 23).
18:00 Evening seminar
Linux on different architectures, a comparison of Cell, Intel, Opteron, and Blue Gene
Nils Smeds, IBM

Co-organized with Lysator, Linköping University Computer Society
and part of their seminar series UppLYSning in Visionen, B-house,
entrance 27, Valla Campus, Linköping University.
Everybody is welcome! (no fee)
19:30 Dinner at Munkkällaren, downtown.
Läroverksgatan 7, Linköping. [map]
Sponsored by IBM.

October 18


The workshop seminars will be given in auditorium Visionen in the B-house, entrance 27, with wireless internet connection. [map]

8:30 Registration
Outside the auditorium.
Chair: Sven Stafström
9:00 Welcome
Sven Stafström, Director NSC
9:15 Multi-core Beowulf Clusters for Petaflops-scale Computing
Thomas Sterling, Louisiana State University
abstract slides
10:00 Multicore from an Application's Perspective
Erik Hagersten, Uppsala University
abstract slides
10:30 BREAK Coffee and Tea outside the auditorium
Chair: Erik Hagersten
11:00 A Shared Memory Programming Technique Applied to Computational Chemistry Programs
Roberto Gomperts, SGI
abstract slides
11:30 Using FPGAs in Supercomputing - Reconfigurable Supercomputing
Stefan Möhl, Mitrionics
abstract slides
12:00 From gaming to serious supercomputing fun
Juan Jose Porta, IBM
12:30 LUNCH in Kårallen
Chair: Peter Münger
14:00 NDGF - a Joint Nordic Grid Facility
Lars Fischer, NDGF
abstract slides
14:30 A new 7 TFLOP cluster in NOTUR
Cyril Banino-Rokkones, NTNU, Norway
abstract slides
15:00 HPC facilities at CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science
Juha Fagerholm, CSC, Finland
abstract slides
15:30 BREAK Coffee and Tea outside the auditorium
Chair: Niclas Andersson
16:00 Experiences from Lustre deployment at NSC
Peter Kjellström, NSC
16:30 dCache, the Peta-Scale Storage Element
Patrick Fuhrmann, DESY, Germany
abstract slides
17:00 The Swedish HPC landscape
Sverker Holmgren, Director SNIC
abstract slides
17:30 Closing