October 22

in Building B, campus Valla. Registration for tutorial attendees outside Visionen.
13:15 - 17:00 Tutorial 1: Vampir - Visualization and Analysis of MPI Programs
Michael Krueger, Pallas GmbH
in PUL* 15-16, building B
13:15 - 15:00 Tutorial 2: Using Linux Clusters at NSC
Peter Kjellström, NSC
in Visionen, building B
outline slides
15:15 - 17:00 Tutorial 3: Building PC Clusters - enabling tight machine collaboration
Lennart Karlsson, NSC
in Visionen, building B
outline slides
13:15 - 17:00 Tutorial 4: DALTON
Patrick Norman, NSC
in PUL* 12, building B
outline material exercises
15:15 - 18:00 Tutorial 5: What is this thing called the Grid?
Leif Nixon, NSC
in Visionen, building B
outline slides
* PUL = Programutvecklingslaboratorium (Computer Lab)
18:15 - 20:00 Improvements in Linux Kernel 2.6 for high-end computing
Jes Sorensen, Wild Open Source Inc.
Co-organized with Lysator, Linköping University Computer Society and their seminar series UppLYSning
in Visonen, building B
Everybody is welcome!
abstract slides

October 23

The workshop will take place in Auditorium on first floor in Collegium, Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping.

Lunches and dinner will be served in the restaurant on ground floor in Collegium. Coffee and tea will be served outside the auditorium in the exhibition area during breaks.

in Collegium
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening
Welcome to LCSC 2003 and NSC
Matts Karlsson, director NSC
Welcome to Linköping University
Mille Millnert, rector LiU
Session #1
09:15 Computing Engines for Drug Discovery: The Next Quantum Leap?
Attila Bérces, Astra Zeneca R&D
09:45 NorduGrid: the light-weight Grid solution
Oxana Smirnova, Lund University
abstract slides
10:15 BREAK
Coffee and Tea outside the auditorium
Session #2
10:45 Benchmarking on the Itanium2 cluster at PDC
Ulf Andersson, Center for Parallel Computers
11:15 Numerical Weather Prediction on Linux Clusters - Operational and Research Aspects
Nils Gustafsson, SMHI
abstract slides
11:45 How much commodity is enough? Red Storm and Linux Clusters
William J. Camp, Sandia National Laboratories
abstract slides
12:30 LUNCH
in Collegium restaurant, ground floor
Session #3
13:30 Prediction of the flow around simplified car using time-dependent simulations
Sinisa Krajnovic, Chalmers University of Technology
14:00 Workshop Keynote
From Clusters to Grids: The Next Generation for Scientific Computing
Andrew Grimshaw, University of Virginia and Avaki Corporation
abstract slides
15:00 BREAK
Coffee and Tea outside the auditorium
Session #4
15:30 The LHC Computing Challenge
Sverre Jarp, CERN openlab
abstract slides
16:00 Computer simulations of protein folding and stability
David van der Spoel, Uppsala University
Fruit and refreshments
16:45 Experiences setting up a Rocks based Linux cluster
Tomas Lindén, Helsinki Institute of Physics
abstract slides
17:15 Linux on modern NUMA architectures
Jes Sorensen, Wild Open Source
abstract slides
19:00 DINNER
in Regina Palace at SAS Radison, downtown, see map. Note that the entrance, labeled "Safari Show", is at the back of the hotel, in a somewhat obscure location.

October 24

Session #5
08:30 Swegrid - a National Grid Initiative
Niclas Andersson, NSC
abstract slides
09:00 The Lustre File System
Tim Reddin, HP
abstract slides
09:30 The Eurogrid project
Csaba Anderlik, University of Bergen
10:00 BREAK
Coffee and Tea outside the auditorium
Session #6
10:30 The EGEE project: building a grid infrastructure for Europe
Bob Jones, CERN
abstract slides
11:00 A Conservative Roadmap to Petaflops -- MPPs or Clusters?
James L. Tomkins, Sandia National Laboratories
abstract slides
11:30 The AMANDA Neutrino Telescope
Stephan Hundertmark, Stockholm University
12:00 LUNCH
in Collegium restaurant, ground floor
Session #7: Vendor Track
Coffe and tea are available outside during the session.
13:00 Tomas Påhlsson, Southpole exhibitor & sponsor
13:15 High Performance Linear Algebra on Linux Clusters
C J Kenneth Tan, Heuchera Technologies
abstract exhibitor
13:30 SAN over WAN - a new way of solving the GRID data access bottleneck
Wolfgang Mertz, SGI
13:45 Storage Solutions for a Grid Environment
Kjell E Nyström, IBM
14:00 Börje Lindh, Sun
14:15 A first hand experience on deploying Opteron clusters
Peter Rundberg, Gridcore
Anders Englund, AMD
Erik Lindfors, Tyan
14:45 Kari Immonen, Nordic Industry Competence exhibitor & sponsor
15:00 Einar Rustad, Scali exhibitor
15:15 David Lecomber, Streamline Computing Ltd. abstract exhibitor & sponsor
15:30 Björn Lannerö, HP
15:45 Closing remarks
TBA = To Be Annonced
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Abstracts - Vendor Track

Niclas Andersson