VASP Seminar at Uppsala University

Tomorrow (January 15th), I will be visiting Uppsala University and give some lectures on running VASP efficiently on the clusters available in Sweden. The seminar is being organized by NSC and UPPMAX, mainly for SNIC users, but everyone interested is welcome. It is not necessary to register in advance. You can find more information on the SNIC web page.

Most of the content that I will present is already available here, scattered over many blog posts. If you check out the blog post archives, you will find posts covering VASP and how certain input parameters affect performance. For information about compiling VASP, I have a special section on the web page called Compile VASP. It now has a new guide for the Beskow system at PDC in Stockholm. I will show some preliminary benchmark results from there and we will talk about what kind of simulations that are suitable for running at large scale on such a computer.

There is also a dedicated time slot for a Q&A session. It is a good time to ask questions, not only about VASP, as several of the SNIC application experts will be there.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Update 2015-01-16: Thank you to everyone who participated. It is always nice to return to Uppsala. By request, here are the slides from the sessions: