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Area of Expertise

As a partner manager at NSC, I work with building effective long-term HPC relationships with our external partners, which can be businesses and other government agencies. My day-to-day work includes project management, business development, contract writing, budgeting, and reporting.

Previously, I worked a lot with installing, validating, and benchmarking software for electronic structure calculations, and with helping our users running these programs efficiently on Swedish supercomputers. I was also involved in some software development, usually for benchmarking and HPC system monitoring.


I received dual degrees from Uppsala University in 2003, M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and B.Sc. in Physics. I went on to do my PhD in the condensed matter theory group in Uppsala, supervised by Prof. Rajeev Ahuja and Prof. Börje Johansson, applying DFT calculations to study energy related materials, and the catalysis of carbon nanotube growth. During, and after my PhD in 2009, I worked as a system administrator at the Physics Department, and in May 2011, I joined NSC as an application specialist (“applikationsexpert” in Swedish) tasked with supporting the large computational materials science community in Sweden. In 2015, I changed focus to work more with NSC’s industrial and government partners.

Academic Publications

Co-author of 13 academic papers. Google Scholar reports my h-index as 10 in February 2016, but I am not actively involved in academic research anymore.

Some selected papers:

  • Relativity and the lead-acid battery (2011) Ahuja R, Blomqvist A, Larsson P, Pyykkö P, and Zaleski-Ejgierd P. Physical Review Letters 106, 018301. Link
  • The importance of strong carbon-metal adhesion for catalytic nucleation of single-walled carbon nanotubes. (2008) Ding F, Larsson P, Larsson J A, Ahuja R, Duan H, Rosén A, and Bolton K.
    Nano Letters 8: 463-468. Link
  • Role of catalysts in dehydrogenation of MgH2 nanoclusters (2008) Larsson P, Araújo C M, Larsson J A, Jena P, and Ahuja R. PNAS 105: 8227-8231. Link

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