Visiting University of Antwerp

On Thursday and Friday (23-24 October), I will be visiting the University of Antwerp in Belgium and give some lectures as part of the Specialist course on efficient use of VASP that is being organized by CalcUA and the Flemish Supercomputing Centrum. You can find more information on the course web page. It seems like you need to register in advance to attend the course.

Most of the content that I will present is already available here, as part of several blog posts. If you check out the blog post archives, you will find many posts covering VASP and how certain input parameters affect performance. For information about compiling VASP, I have a special section on the web page called Compile VASP. The system guide for NSC’s Triolith is probably the best to start out with, as the hardware is very similar to what is currently available in Belgium. After the course, I plan to add a few articles based on the new material I prepared for this event.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Antwerp!

Update 2014-10-29: Thank you to everyone who participated. I had a pleasant stay in Antwerp and much enjoyed the discussions. It gave me some new ideas of things to test out. By request, here are the slides from the sessions: