Tutorial on Fortran 90

Technical Information, Version 2.3

	Bo Einarsson
	Mathematics Department
	Linköping university
	Tel + 46 13 151896 (home)
	Email boein@nsc.liu.se


This version of the tutorial on Fortran 90/95 can be used on UNIX, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Apple Macintosh. It has only relative links for all files which are direct part of the tutorial, and uses absolute links only for external Web-pages.

New and revised routines

This is a list of all new and revised routines from that version 2.0 was distributed.

	alpha.html	1996-03-09	New (Digital UNIX)
	a4.html		1996-03-30	Minor update
	epsilon.f90	1996-03-09	New
	random.f90	1996-03-23	New
	sum.f90		1996-03-09	New
	parasoft.html	Removed
	parasoft.txt	Removed
All these changes are included in version 2.1.

This is a list of all new and revised routines from that version 2.1 was distributed.

	asa.html   	1997-09-12	Minor update
	a10.html	1997-01-31	Minor update
	a12.html	1997-09-19	New
	a13.html	1997-09-19	New
	c5.html		1997-02-03	Minor update

	makefile	1997-06-26	Minor revision
	tpk90.f		New		TPK procedure in Fortran 90
	intv.f90	New		interval.f90
	intv_ari.f90	New		interval_arithmetics.f90
	authors.gif	New		The authors
	ecfin32.gif	New		LookSmart
	flag_sve.gif	New		Swedish flag of the same size 
					as the British and the Russian.
All these changes are included in version 2.2.

This is a list of all new and revised routines from that version 2.2 was distributed.

	a2.html		1999-08-17	Minor correction
	a3.html		1998-04-17	Minor correction
	a8.html		1998-09-10	Minor update
	a9.html		1999-04-06	Minor update
	c1.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c2.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c3.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c4.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c6.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c7.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c8.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c9.html		1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c10.html	1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c11.html	1999-04-06	Minor spelling corrections
	c12.html	1998-09-07	Minor update
	intro.html	1998-03-09	Minor update
	tpkf.F		1997-09-26	TPK procedure in F
					(New extension .F)

	readme.txt	Removed

All these changes are included in version 2.3.

This is a list of all new and revised routines from that version 2.3 was distributed.

	a5.html		   2009-08-10	Minor correction
	a6.html		   2006-03-22	Minor update
	a7.html		   2007-05-24	Minor update 
	a11.html	   2006-12-18	Minor update
	absoft.html	   2000-06-27	Minor update
	answers.html	   2001-12-11	Minor update
	bo.html		   2007-12-20	Minor update
	c15.html	   2000-08-31	Minor update
	cray.html	   2004-04-22	Minor update
	digital.html	   2004-04-22	Minor update
	f77to90.html	   2006-12-21	Minor update
	f95.html	   2004-12-09	Minor update
	fortran.html	   2004-12-09	Minor update
	index.html	   2006-04-11   Minor update
	nag.html	   2000-07-06	Minor update
	nas.html           Removed
	pacific.html       Removed
	preface.html 	   2002-01-16	Minor update
	references.html	   2006-09-20	Minor update
	search.html        2005-09-12	New
	sgi.html           2000-06-29	New
	sun.html	   2001-06-07	Minor update
	yurij.html         2008-03-26	Major update
	code/ia_newton.f90 2005-03-14   New
	code/lab2_e.f90	   2000-06-28   New
	code/kahan2.f90	   2001-06-07   New
	code/kahan4.f90	   2001-06-07   New
	code/solve.f90	   2001-12-11   Slight revision
	code/solve1.f90	   2001-12-11   Slight revision
	gifs/img*.gif	   2001-05-23   New
	gifs/img4.gif	   2001-09-03   Corrected
	gifs/ecfin48.gif   2001-12-07   New
	gifs/links2go.gif  2001-12-07   New
	gifs/sw_award.gif  2001-12-07   New

	pc_e.html	   2009-08-10


The tutorial was previously available also as a single compressed ZIP-file, exe-file, or a tar-file.

Main page, with links to all other pages is f77to90.html. Pictures are in the subdirectory gifs and source code in the subdirectory code. The chapters are c(digit).html and the appendices are a(digit).html. All other document names are self explanatory, except fortran.html, which includes external links to other Fortran documents.


Updates are available from http://www.nsc.liu.se/~boein/f77to90/pc_e.html. You are very welcome to contact Bo Einarsson for information!
Last modified: August 10, 2009