Digital Equipment Corporation has been bought by COMPAQ which has been bought by HP. DEC Fortran 90/High Performance Fortran is a native Fortran 90/HPF compiler that includes support for parallel execution. DEC Fortran 90 supports all standard FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90 programs for standard serial execution, as well as HPF programs for parallel execution. Message passing for parallel programs is provided by Digital's PSE (Parallel Software Environment), a transparent run-time environment which provides optimized message passing for HPF. Digital claims HPF performance comparable to hand-tuned PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) code in a wide range of cases.

For parallel execution, a package including DEC Fortran 90 together with Digital's PSE is available for Alpha systems running Digital UNIX (OSF/1). For serial execution, DEC Fortran 90 is available for Alpha systems running either Digital UNIX (OSF/1) or OpenVMS.

Since I have access to a Digital UNIX system from February 1996, I have now written a special document on Digital UNIX.

Digital Fortran V5.1 includes full support for Fortran 95.

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Last modified: 22 April 2004