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NSC operates a heterogenous environment of supercomputers and storage solutions for Swedish academic users (SNIC), the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, the Swedish aircraft industry Saab, and for some university departments at Linköpings universitet and Stockholm university (SU). Hardware specifications as well as users manuals can be found by clicking on the name of the system below.
Name Type Cores Usage In use since
Triolith Cluster 19200 SNIC Jul 2012
Krypton Cluster 3840 SMHI Jun 2012
Matter Cluster 4128 Matter consortium Oct 2010
Byvind Cluster 1120 SMHI Jun 2010
Kappa Cluster 2912 SNIC, LiU Apr 2010
MARS Storage 8 Meteorological Archive and Retrieval System, SMHI Apr 2009
Vagn Storage and Cluster 48 BBCC, Linne Flow Center, SMHI Mar 2009
Skylord/Darkstar Cluster 460 SAAB Aug 2008 / Mar 2006
Bore/Gimle Cluster 2144 SMHI Jun 2008
Smokerings Cluster 528 LHC, Swegrid May 2008
Storage Storage 6 SMHI, SNIC Oct 2005
Hooke Shared memory 8 SAAB Dec 2003
Hubble Storage 4 HSM, SMHI 2010

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