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Help Desk

For support, please send e-mail to one of these addresses:

support@nsc.liu.seGeneral support questions Application expert support
smhi-support@nsc.liu.seSupport for SMHI users
saab-support@nsc.liu.seSupport for SAAB users
vagnekman-support@snic.vr.seSupport for users of Vagn and Ekman

It is also possible to contact us through telephone, fax, or paper mail

Please include the following information:

  • a relevant subject line
  • your name
  • your email address
  • which computer/cluster the problem is related to (very important)
  • which software you are using, including compilers (for example "ifort 9.0.032") and switches (for example "-apo")
  • a short description of the problem, specifying what actions you have performed, which results you got, and which results you expected to get.
  • for a communication problem, please include details of your own computer and network
  • if you have more than one problem, please give each problem its own email message

You may use English or Swedish, we will reply in the same language.


  • System user guides: [here]
  • Application software guides: [here]
  • Application Knowledge Base: [here]

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