October 24

18:15 - 20:00 Creativity & Coincidence: CERN, the Web and the Internet
Ben Segal, CERN
This is arranged in cooperation with Lysator Upplysningen. The location of this talk is in C4 in building C (C-huset) at Campus Valla.
slides (PowerPoint)

October 25

The workshop will take place in Auditorium I on first floor in Collegium, Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping.

Lunches and dinner will be served in the restaurant on ground floor in Collegium. Coffee and tea will be served outside the auditorium during registration and breaks.

09:00 Registration
Coffe and Tea
09:45 Welcome
Anders Ynnerman, NSC
10:00 Keynote: Current and Emerging Cluster Components
Mark Baker, University of Portsmouth
11:00 Linux Cluster implementation for CFD applications in aero engine industry
Christian Lundh, Volvo Aero Corporation
11:30 DSZOOM, a step towards shared memory programming on beowulfs?
Henrik Löf, Uppsala Universitet
12:00 LUNCH
13:30 Grid Computing: The European DataGrid Project
Ben Segal, CERN
abstract slides (PowerPoint)
14:30 Lunarc's experience of Beowulf clusters and thoughts about GRID computing
Göran Sandberg, Lunarc, Lund University
15:00 BREAK
Coffee and Tea
15:30 Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Transport
Per Kjäll, Elekta AB
abstract slides (PowerPoint)
16:00 Linux-cluster in an Aerodynamic Design Environment
Mattias Sillén, Saab Aerospace
abstract slides (PDF)
16:30 BREAK
16:45 Designing high performance Beowulfs with today's hardware
Peter Kjellström, NSC
17:15 Clusters at PDC - Towards Large Scale Scientific Computing
Per Öster, Center for Parallel Computers, Royal Institute of Technology
18:00 BOFs*
BOF #1: GRID, Anders Ynnerman
BOF #2: Hardware Details and Issues, Peter Kjellström
BOF #3: User and Production Environment,
BOF #4: [TBD*]
19:00 Dinner

October 26

08:30 RunBeast - Managing Remote Simulations
Iakov Nakhimovski, IDA, Linöpings Universitet
09:00 Application of the Finite Difference Time Domain method to the
modelling of indirect lightning effects using a Linux cluster
Stefan Persson, Saab Avionics AB
09:30 An Integrated User Environment for Scientific Cluster Computing
Niclas Andersson, NSC
abstract slides (HTML)
10:00 BREAK
Coffee and Tea
10:30 Jini Meets the Grid
Mark Baker, University of Portsmouth
11:00 Early Experiences with Itanium Cluster
Steinar Trædal-Henden, Universitetet i Tromsø
abstract slides (PostScript)
11:30 How to Tame the Penguins
Niklas Jakobsson, Center for Parallel Computers, Royal Institute of Technology
12:00 LUNCH
13:30 Some Experiences of Using Linux Clusters for Applications in Nonlinear Solid Mechanics
Larsgunnar Nilsson, Linköpings Universitet & Engineering Research AB
[no abstract] slides (PDF)
14:00 CANCELLED ACCORD: Academic Cluster of Czestochowa for Research and Education
Roman Wyrzykowski, Technical University of Czestochowa
14:30 Computational geophysical fluid dynamics; are LINUX clusters an useful resource?
Göran Broström, Göteborgs Universitet
15:00 BREAK
Coffee and Tea
15:30 CANCELLED Monte Carlo Simulation for Robust Engineering - Changes in Technology and Economy of CAE
Petter Sahlin, TeraPort AB
abstract slides (PDF)
16:00 High Throughput Computing - Linux Clusters and Grids
Carl G. Tengwall, IBM
abstract slides (PDF)
16:30 Closing remarks
Anders Ynnermann
TBD = To Be Determined
BOF = Birds Of Feather


Niclas Andersson