SNIC User Survey 2016

overview of the responses

Torben Rasmussen @ SNIC User Forum 2016-10-25

Survey went out to

  • SNIC national users
  • SNIC centre local users
  • UPPNEX users
  • SNIC centre staff
  • SweStore users
  • ~4700 recipients

Response rate

4.5 %

Respondents data

Respondent affiliation


Research domain

Research domain

Research domain

Research domain

Research domain

Research domain

Domain "footprint" in SNIC

Research domain

Respondent employment


Experience with SNIC

SNIC experience

Usage frequency

SNIC usage frequency

Centre usage

SNIC centre usage

SNIC compute resources

Important job sizes?

Job size

Important job sizes? [per domain]

Job size per domain

Length of jobs of various sizes?

Job length

Future compute systems?

Future Compute Systems

Evolution of SNIC compute systems?

Evolution of compute systems

The SNIC computing resources typically have 32-128 GB memory per node. Do you need access to compute nodes with larger memory configurations?

33% Yes

Required compute node memory?

Compute node memory

Compute systems variation?

Compute systems variation

SNIC storage resources

Type of data stored?

Type of data

Where is your data stored?

Where is your data stored?

User support and training

Quality of e-mail support?

Quality of e-mail support

Application expert focus areas?

Application expert focus areas

Application expert efforts?

Application expert efforts

Types of training needed?

Training needed

SNIC resource allocation

Is the allocation length okay?

Allocation length

Does constant allocation match workload?

Allocation vs workload


SNIC focus areas?

SNIC focus areas

SNIC focus areas? [2016 vs. 2014]

SNIC focus areas 2016 vs 2014