Fortran flowchart generator supports f90 specifications.

OmegaChart ver. 4.0 is a FORTRAN Flowchart generator.

This package converts a FORTRAN source code (f77 & f90 & f95, fixed or free form) to their Flowchart equivalence. The generated flowchart is then transmitted as an Excel file.

OmegaChart 4.0 is useful for untangle behind-the-scenes programming logic in a messy spaghetti code and therefore generate visual documentation of the execution route. While other analysis tools only provides you "assembly level" info such as calling trees or variables attributes, OmegaChart provide detailed "module level" logic such as loops, if-elseif-endif constructs and select-case constructs. With OmegaChart, you can effortlessly minimize the use of GOTO's and therefore "modernize" your code.

Interested user may download a demo copy of this package via;psum

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Last modified: 3 February 2009