VASP 5.2.12 + bugfixes as of Nov 11 2011

Directory list:

build01 Safely compiled VASP
build02 Safely compiled VASP with source code patches
build03 VASP with vdW functionality restored
build04 VASP with DLONGCHAR

Level of support

Tier 1 NSC has at least one application expert on staff with knowledge about this software, and we will try to help you with any problems. We have also ran some internal tests to make sure that the program is working as intended. NSC also commits to installing updates to this program as they become available.

Please see the page describing our software support categories for more information.
You can also contact for further information.

The source code for version was downloaded from VASP home page on 2011–11–21. It is abbreviated as for simplicity.

Some of the bugfixes:

  • Linear response NMR now works for -DNGZhalf
  • Improved gfortran compatibilty (PL: only older versions work)
  • FPP instead of CPP during compilation
  • Fixed a rare bug with forces
  • GW bugfixes
  • vdW-DFT improvements incl stress tensor
  • M06 meta-gga