Totalview installations at NSC

Directory list:

8.11.0 Totalview 8.11.0

Level of support

Tier 3 NSC will not be able to help you much with this program, either because we lack the in-house experience, or because it is a test installation. In general, these types of installations are untested, and will not be updated unless you send a request to NSC.

Please see the page describing our software support categories for more information.
You can also contact for further information.

Name of the binary

The binary is called “totalview”.

How to run

Load the totalview module corresponding to the version you want to use, e.g

module load totalview/8.11.0-install0 

Run an interactive session, e.g

interactive -N 2 -t 00:10:00 -A YOUR_PROJECT

Then launch the desired binary under totalview using “mpprun”, e.g

mpprun --totalview ./mpibinary

Simple TotalView example

  1. Load an MPI module and the totalview module, and if needed a non-default version of ICC: module add openmpi/1.4-i111059 module add icc/11.1.069 module add totalview
  2. Make sure that you can run X11 applications on the login node. (start an xterm or something similar to verify).
  3. Build your application, e.g: icc -Nmpi -g -o mpitest_c mpitest_c.c icc INFO: Linking with MPI openmpi/1.4-i111059.
  4. Start an interactive job (in this case, 2 nodes and 10 minutes runtime). Note: it is recommended that you allocate two or more nodes when testing TotalView, so you can see the cool feature of debugging processes on several nodes from one window properly. :) interactive -N 2 -t 00:10:00 -A YOUR_PROJECT Waiting for JOBID 875869 to start … Wait for the interactive job to start.
  5. Start your application under TotalView control. mpprun –totalview ./mpitest_c
  6. TotalView Quick Start: Click “OK” in the “Startup Parameters - mpimon” dialog. Click the “Go” button. TotalView detects that you are starting a parallel program, click “Yes” to stop it. It is time to set break points etc, you are now debugging your MPI program! Reading the TotalView manual is highly recommended!