Pypy installations at NSC

Directory list:

5.3.1 Pypy 2.7 series v5.3.1

Level of support

Tier 3 NSC will not be able to help you much with this program, either because we lack the in-house experience, or because it is a test installation. In general, these types of installations are untested, and will not be updated unless you send a request to NSC.

Please see the page describing our software support categories for more information.
You can also contact for further information.

Pypy is an alternative implementation of the Python language (2.7 series and 3.3). It is an an just-in-time compiler implemented in in a subset of Python. The main motivation for using Pypy instead of the regular Python is that programs can sometimes run faster with Pypy and perhaps use less memory.

More information: Pypy homepage

Note that a drawback with Pypy is that it does not support all external Python package, especially Numpy and Scipy. Therefore, we have these installations mostly for testing. We do not yet have many packages installed and validated for Pypy. Currently, you will have to try that out for yourself.

How to run

Load the Pypy module corresponding to the version you want to use, e.g

module load pypy/5.3.1

This will add the pypy command to your search path. You can then use pypy instead of python to run your python programs, e.g.