FEniCS installations at NSC

Level of support

Tier 3 NSC will not be able to help you much with this program, either because we lack the in-house experience, or because it is a test installation. In general, these types of installations are untested, and will not be updated unless you send a request to NSC.

Please see the page describing our software support categories for more information.
You can also contact support@nsc.liu.se for further information.

FEniCS is an open source computing platform for solving partial differential equations (PDEs).

How to run

The FEniCS installation at NSC is built using Singularity and can be loaded with the module

module load fenics/2017.1.0

which sets the FEniCS 2017.1.0 python environment. Note that it can not be started on the login node, but needs a work node. After loading the module, a python script can be run with

python your_test.py

which can be stated in a job script, or in an interactive job.

For running an interactive job with updated plots, it is recommended to login with the remote desktop solution ThinLinc.