NCAR diagnostics packages at NSC

Directory list:

AMWG_diag5.6 The NCAR AMWG diagnostics package produces over 600 plots and tables from CESM (CAM) monthly netcdf files.
lnd_diag4.1.20 The NCAR CLM Post Processing Utilities produces diagnostic plots and tables from CESM (CLM) monthly netcdf files.

Level of support

Tier 2 NSC has only limited experience with this software, but we will try to help as much as possible. We have ran some tests, for example, if the program comes with a test suite, but they may be far from exhaustive. We will try to install and test new versions, as soon as we can.

Please see the page describing our software support categories for more information.
You can also contact for further information.

NCAR maintains a set of post-processing software utilities designed to create various web pages that allow easy viewing of diagnostic plots from output of the various components of NCARs CESM model. These scripts have been installed and adopted to run on triolith.

Informal community support is provided via the CESM bulletin board. General questions should be submitted to this bulletin board; however, any bugs found in the packages should be reported to the appropriate working group liaison

Available diagnostic packages

AMWG_diag5.6 - Atmospheric Model Working Group (AMWG) diagnostics package

lnd_diag4.1.20 - CLM Post Processing Utilities