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In depth consultation opportunity with NSC and PDC application experts

On May 9 at 14:000 there is an opportunity to meet application experts from NSC and Paralleldatorcentum (PDC) at KTH for in-depth consultation and support. Although the focus of this meeting is in-depth support, feel free to bring any type of support issue or complaint, should you have one. Application Experts:
  • Torben Rasmussen, NSC: Computational Chemistry
  • Peter Larsson, NSC: Materials Physics
  • Jing Gong, PDC: Computational Mechanics
  • Jonathan Vincent, PDC: Parallel Programming
  • Mikael Djurfeldt, PDC: Neuroinformatics
  • Olav Vahtras, PDC, Computational Chemistry
  • Rossen Apostolov, PDC, Molecular Dynamics
  • Johan Raber, NSC: Computational Chemistry
  • Weine Olofsson, NSC: Materials Physics
  • Jeff Ko, NSC: Parallel Programming, CFD
  • Chandan Basu, NSC: Parallel Programming
Examples of assistance NSC and PDC support can give may be:
  • Work flow, scripting and job control
  • Data management
  • Data visualization
  • Application specific help
    • VASP
    • Gaussian
    • Dalton
    • Gromacs
    • Music
    • ANSYS
    • Fluent/CFX
    • Abaqus
  • GPGPU programming
  • Mathematical Libraries
  • Programming -- Parallelization and optimization
The meeting will start with a short introduction of ourselves and a few opening words on the background to this meeting and their purpose.

The meeting will be held between 14:00 to 17:00 on May 9 in lecture room Kepler, the physics building, Campus Valla, LiU (map).

Coffee and buns will be served on a first come, first served basis until we run out.

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