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The P4Vasp 0.3 program is available to users at NSC. P4Vasp is a crystal builder and visualization program.

A brief introduction is available. [here]

P4Vasp needs no input. Upon start the Molden interface consists of a Control Panel. A View Window is opened by clicking on the "Show" button in the Control Panel.

Visualize Vasp input files
In the Control Panel, click on the "Open" button and locate the Vasp input file. It will appear in the View Window. If the View Window is not open, you must click on the "Show" button in the Control Panel.

Visualize Vasp output files
P4vasp cannot directly read output files. If, in a in a geometry optimization you wish to see the final geometry you may visualize the RESCAR file.

Visualize repeated unit cells
Click on the "Control" button in the Control Panel, and vary the number of unit cells that are visualized.

P4Vasp on Inspector
Start the program with

Note: Before accessing the files on the compute servers, you need to mount your home directories on these machines as secure shell file systems on Inspector [see details].

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