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The Future of Scalable Scientific Computing

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The Future of Scalable Scientific Computing



Who is Compaq?

Product and Market Strategies for HPTC

Compaq AlphaServer light-house accounts

Largest Civilian-Research Supercomputer

Some Bioinformatics Customers

Some Engineering/Manufacturing Customers

The next few years

The Alpha Microprocessor

Alpha EV7

PowerPoint Presentation

EV7-based system

Alpha EV8

Simultaneous multithreading

Architectural Abstraction

System Block Diagram

Further out

Computer Architecture


Parallel Programming Paradigms

Parallel Programming

Operating software


More on applications …

Computing Infrastructure

Market Dynamics

Far out

Raymond Kurzweil: “The Singularity is Near”

Sida 31

Sida 32

Kurzweil’s Argument

Sida 34

Where do we go from here? One view: the mind is a program running on the brain

A complementary view

Some of this is already underway …

Sida 38

Sida 39

Author: Dr. Martin Walker

Further information:
Seminar presented at NSC in Linköping, June 8, 2001

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