Upgraded Programming Environment on T3E

On November 22, 1999, we upgraded the programming environment on the T3E at NSC. This included all compilers as well as CrayTools and CrayLibs.

We were running PrgEnv 3.1.0 and moved directly to PrgEnv 3.3.0.

The old Programming Environment is still available and you can switch to it out by doing the following command:

  module switch PrgEnv PrgEnv.3.1.0
and switch back by doing:
  module switch PrgEnv.3.1.0 PrgEnv
We encourage you not to use the old Programming Environment.

Now PrgEnv.3.3.0 is the default and the old PrgEnv.3.1.0 will only be kept for a limited time.

The Message Passing Toolkit (MPT), Network Queuing Environment (NQE), and Cray Visualization Toolkit (CVT) are NOT affected by this upgrade.

Below are the most significant changes that are done with this upgrade. For further information, see the online documentation

PrgEnv 3.3

PrgEnv 3.2

Known problems:

  1. Since ftpp is now replaced with an integrated preprocessor, the -Wp flag is no longer supported.
    Example: instead of
    -Wp"-P -F $(DOPTNS)"
    you would now write:
    -F $(DOPTNS)

  2. Users of Co-Array Fortran are encouraged to continue using PrgEnv.3.1.0. Cray is investigating a halting problem.