Submitting jobs over the holidays to the T3E

We have received requests for a way to submit more than the permitted three batch jobs on the T3E over the holidays, since many are traveling or on vacation.

We have decided to open up the queue spec_req for this purpose. This queue will accept your jobs but they will not be started automatically. Instead we will manually survey this queue and move jobs to the usual queues when appropriate ( i.e. you have less than three jobs in the "normal" queues, running or queuing).

This manual intervention will usually only happen on normal week-days but we still believe it will be useful to help you run your jobs over the holidays.

This temporary procedure will be in place from today (December 18) until Thursday January 7, 1999. After this date, all queued jobs in the spec_req queue will be deleted. Anything running will of course not be affected.

You will have to modify your batch scripts to take advantage of this opportunity. Add the following line in your batch script (note CAPITAL LETTERS for QSUB !):

#QSUB -q spec_req
Torgny Faxén