MathCode - a code generator from typed Mathematica to C++ or Fortran 90

Seminar: 23 October 1998, 13:15, in Mott, G 403, Physics building.

Speaker: Peter Fritzson, IDA


Mathematica is a comprehensive numeric and symbolic programming system with applications in a wide range of areas. The MathCode code generation system adds very high performance, connectivity to external applications and easy-to-use matrix arithmetic. The combined Mathematica & MathCode system becomes a powerful environment that support both design, prototyping, programming, and documentation.

MathCode makes it possible to develop prototypes in the interactive Mathematica environment which can be automatically translated to fast production code in C++/Fortran 90 and linked to external applications. Generated C++/Fortran 90 code is typically about 1000 times faster than plain Mathematica code, and often close to 100 times faster than code generated by the standard Mathematica Compile. Connectivity to C, C++ or Fortran 77 code is obtained by automatically generating MathLink code for calling generated code and external applications. Callbacks from external applications to Mathematica can be generated automatically. Generation of stand-alone external code is supported. Symbolic Mathematica code can be translated provided that the final result of symbolic operations is arithmetic expressions.

A demo will be given during the talk.