New programming environment (PrgEnv) on the T3E, switch from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.

At 08:00, Monday 28 September 1998, we will upgrade the default programming environment (PrgEnv) on T3E from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.

If you after this date want to recompile parts of you application that was built with an older programming environment, please recompile your ENTIRE application instead! There may be differences in include files, libraries, etc. between different versions that otherwise might introduce malicious bugs into your code.

Want to test and use the new programming environment now already? Give the command

	module switch PrgEnv PrgEnv.3.0.2
and recompile your entire application.

If you find problems or bugs in 3.0.2, please, send an E-mail to support@nsc.liu.se and describe the problem thoroughly.

Programming Environment 3.0.1 will be available until October 15, 1998, and can be used by loading the module PrgEnv.3.0.1 instead of the standard module:

	module switch PrgEnv PrgEnv.3.0.1
After October 15, we will delete older versions of compilers, libraries, and tools.

The Message Passing Toolkit (MPT), Network Queuing Environment (NQE), and Cray Visualization Toolkit (CVT) are NOT affected by this upgrade.