Cray T3E User's Guide available in Web

NA Digest   Wednesday, August 5, 1998   Volume 98 : Issue 28
From: Ville Savolainen 
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:46:30 +0300 (EET DST)
Subject: Cray T3E User's Guide available in Web
Center for Scientific Computing (CSC), the Finnish center for scientific computing and data communications, has published the second edition of a user's guide to the Cray T3E.

The guide is intended primarily to the users of the T3E at CSC, but most of the material is useful for any Cray T3E user.

The user's guide (124 pages) is available in English in Adobe Acrobat PDF format at the WWW address http://www.csc.fi/oppaat/t3e/.

The emphasis of the guide is on scientific software development in the T3E environment, covering subroutine libraries, code optimization, interprocess communication and programming tools. The guide contains also an overview of the T3E hardware.


Juha Haataja and Ville Savolainen
CSC, Finland

Remarks by Bo Einarsson, NSC

The Finnish User's Guide has chapters on Program development, Fortran programming, C and C++ programming, Interprocess communication, Programming tools, which are of great interest to NSC users.

The PDF version is very modern with an active and expandable list of contents in the left sub window and active links both in the sub window and in the main window. I recommend that you have a look, the internet connection is usually very fast!