Introduction to NSC and MPI

I am giving a NSC course in Uppsala April 22 in cooperation with Sverker Holmgren at TDB.

The purpose is to give an introductory course to our compute resources here at NSC as well as some training in how to use message passing (MPI), similar to what is described on our Web page: http://www.nsc.liu.se/Course_gbr.html under 1) and 2):

  1. Introduction to NSC, the Cray T3E and C90 Half day course in how to use the Cray T3E and C90, everything from log in to compilation and execution! A short hands on session is also included.
  2. Parallel programming techniques on Cray T3E and C90. I plan to only cover MPI and have some time for exercises. The information should be enough for the student to understand and write message passing programs using MPI. The course agenda is as follows:
     9-11: Introduction to NSC, the Cray T3E and C90.
    11-13: Hands on session on the C90 and the T3E (with break for lunch!).
    13-15: Introduction to MPI, Message Passing Interface.
    15-16: Hands on session using MPI on the T3E.
    The course will be given at MIC (Matematiskt-informations-teknologiskt centrum), house 2, room 2114 for the morning lecture and room 2214 for the afternoon lecture. The hands on sessions will be in room 2446.

    Please register by sending me an email!


    Torgny Faxén

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