Scientific Computing - a National and Personal Perspective

SEMINAR WEDNESDAY APRIL 2, 13:15 in Planck, IFM, New Physics Building

Dr Anders Ynnerman, Warwick University and the Swedish National Graduate School for Scientific Computing, HPDR, will give a talk on "Scientific Computing - a national and personal perspective".

1. The Swedish National Graduate School in Scientific Computing (NGSSC)

A general competence raising program in computational science and engineering as a national graduate school has been founded. The graduate school is coordinated by the Swedish council for high performance computing (HPDR) and is funded by the foundation for strategic research. The school is focusing on providing a core of mathematical, numerical and computational skills to students coming from a wide area of scientific disciplines. The disciplinary training of the students is provided by their home institutions. Each year approximately 10 new students will be admitted to the program. The talk aims at delineating the adopted underlying concepts and present the experiences from the first year of activity.

2.Visualization of the bifurcation sequence to chaos in a simple magnetotail field model with cross tail component

The signature of the destabilization of regular orbits in a magnetic reversal in the presence of cross tail magnetic field is examined. Poincare surface of section (SOS) plots are in common use to classify the dynamics exhibited in numerically integrated trajectories in static systems of this type. Here, by displaying three coordinates in 3D space we are able to explore the characteristic geometrical properties of the orbits for different cross tail field, this reveals key properties of the bifurcation sequence that are not accessible to 2D SOS plots. The clarification of relationships between particle dynamics in the magnetotail and global properties will be of primary concern in future research. A video animation will be presented.

For further information, please contact K-F Berggren, tel 013-281203.