ftp to NSC's computer SGI 3800

You now have the possibility to transfer files to and from the SGI 3800 using the ftp utility, also when you are on your own machine. ftp is integrated with the SecurID card and uses the same pin-code as you do for the telnet session. Below is a ftp example login session from user "user_name" with user id "user_name_at_sgi3k" on the SGI3K:
ftp sgi3k.nsc.liu.se
Connected to sgi3k.nsc.liu.se.
220 sgi3k FTP server ready.
Name (sgi3k.nsc.liu.se: user_name): user_name_at_sgi3k
Password: Pincode+SecurId card number (in one sequence, without the +)
230 User user_name_at_sgi3k logged in.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.


Torgny Faxén

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