NSC:s new Supercomputer SGI 3800

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NSC:s latest supercomputer, a sgi 3800 system, has now been installed and tested at NSC. It replaces the previous sgi 2400 interim system known as sgi2k. The user environment is very similar on the sgi 3800 system compared to what it is on the sgi2k. The main differences are that it has 96 processors compared to 32 on the sgi2k, that each processor is about twice as fast, the total memory is 96 GByte compared to 32 GByte and that SecureID will be used for authentication as on the NSC Cray T3E. The new system will be called sgi3k and all user accounts, directories, and files, have been transfered from the sgi2k to the sgi3k.

An information package with more detailed information about the transfer, a user guide to the new system, and a SecureID card, to those that do not have one already, has been sent to all active users on the sgi2k by regular mail.

Technical details of the SGI 3800 system:

The User Guide to SGI 3000 is now available.