Introduction course to NSC's new computer

Dear NSC User, we are pleased to announce two introduction courses to NSC's recently purchased new computer. The courses are scheduled for June 15 and September 15. The location for the September 15 course will be at the main campus of Linköping University. Convenient bus stop is Vallfarten.

The topics of the course are:

There are work stations available for interactive exercises. The course starts at 9:00 and should be finished at 15:00. There is no fee for the course.

You can register now to this course by sending an email to You will then receive a confirmation notice by email.

NSC's new computer will be installed in stages. The first stage is a 32 processor Origin-2000 that we expect to be available for general use at the end of June. This system will later be replaced by a 96 processor SN-MIPS. From a user stand point these two systems will be very similar: same compilers, batch system, operating system and binary compatible. For general usage, this introduction course should therefore be sufficient training for both systems. The underlying hardware will be different however, so advanced users are advised to also attend the advanced course that will be offered on the SN-MIPS system later. Further information on the computers are available.


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