Intel HPC Training at NSC, October 2012

In-depth Training on Intel VTune Amplifier XE and Inspector XE

Dates: October 22-23, 2012
Venue: Linköping University, Campus Valla, House Galaxen, NSC conference room

Registration is closed.

Please register no later than October 10!

The Intel HPC training at NSC continues. This time we invite you to learn about how to optimize serial and parallel performance using the tool VTune Amplifier XE during a two-day in-depth training class. The training will also include how to detect memory and threading errors using the tool Inspector XE. For more information on the content, please see the schedule and contents page.

VTune Amplifier XE
VTune Amplifier XE is Intel's performance and thread profiler. For more information, please visit:

Inspector XE
Inspector XE is Intel's tool for checking memory and threading errors. For more information, please visit:

Class profile
This advanced training class is intended for application/system experts at the various SNIC centers, as well as HPC users with a particular interest in performance analysis and optimization.

When and where
The training will take place on October 22–23, 2012 at NSC and will be given by the Intel expert Beverly Bachmayer, who is working with the Software and Solutions Group at Intel.

Number of seats is limited
Due to the significant focus on hands-on exercises, we have limited the number of seats for the training class to 20.

Schedule and contents
The training class starts at 9:00 on Monday, October 22 and ends around 17 on Tuesday, October 23. The training will consist of both presentations and hands-on exercises that will run on the new NSC cluster, Triolith. For more information on the schedule and content, please see the schedule and contents page.

Note: Training participants will receive a copy of the book "Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE".

The training class is free of charge and includes lunch and coffee. However, participants will need to cover travel and accommodation costs.

Information regarding the registration
Early registration is an advantage, but not a guarantee for a seat in the class. Due to the limited number of seats, we reserve the right to select the participants that we think will benefit the most from the training.

Note: Registration is open for all NSC users. Registration is also open for people that are not NSC users, but in this case we generally require that you have an affiliation with a Swedish research institution in order to consider your registration.

We will inform you by e-mail as soon as we can regarding whether or not we can reserve a seat in the training class for you.

Registration form
In order to register your interest for the training class, please fill out the registration form here.

What to bring
Windows laptops will be available to the class participants, but you can bring your own laptop if you prefer. Please indicate whether or not you will bring your own laptop when you register. We can help you obtain an extended evaluation license for these Intel tools. However, please note that the Intel tools only run on Linux and Windows.

How to prepare my laptop?
Windows: Install the Intel tools and an SSH client, such as PuTTY.
Linux: Install the Intel tools.
Mac: No Intel tools available, so you will need to use one of the Windows laptops that we can provide.

More information
For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact